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Created in 2010, the Wyomingpools Lottery was established to generate revenue for state programs through the sale of lottery products (games). Products, or "games" , as they are better known, vary in variety from Scratch tickets, where players find if they are instant winners, to "draw" games where players wait for random drawings of numbers to determine whether they win. Lottery staff are dedicated to providing new, innovative and fun games for players to enjoy.

The history of the Wyomingpool lottery is interesting, and provides an interesting view of state institutions that are driven by public choice to support state programs such as public education and development.

The five-member Lottery Commission, which consists of regional members, functions as an administrative authority that creates authority for the Wyomingpools Lottery. In addition to running games to generate income for the state of Wyoming, Lottery also participates in efforts to raise awareness about the risks of gambling problems.

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